Couples Massage in Salt Lake City

Very few experiences match the relaxation and intimacy of a couples massage in Salt Lake City. Long overshadowed by flowers and chocolates, couples massage has quickly become the preferred gift for anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and maybe most importantly, “just because.” At ZEN Massage in Salt Lake City, our massage therapists specialize in creating a warm atmosphere for you and your significant other.

A couples’ massage is the perfect gift for couples in Salt Lake City looking to relax together in an intimate setting. Available in 60-, 90-, and 120-minute sessions, ZEN Massage has the couples’ massage that best suits your needs.

Zen Provides a Romantic Couples Experience

ZEN Massage creates a romantic atmosphere while ensuring you both receive the massage therapy that best relieves the unique fatigue, tension, or pain you individually experience. Our massage therapists are experts in therapeutic massage therapy that gives attention to chronic muscle stress and muscle fatigue while providing a pleasant and relaxing experience. With the daily stresses of life, nothing beats therapeutic massage therapy in giving you energy, relieving pain, and reinvigorating your focus.

Most massage therapy is designed only to create a relaxing experience and not to address the problems lying underneath. Our integrated, advanced massage techniques provide a pleasant, relaxing couples massage experience while actually improving how each of you feels long after your massage by providing a unique and specialized massage to address each of your needs.

Benefits of Couples Massage

Studies have shown that aside from reducing mental and physical stress, couples massage actually increases the feeling of affection between couples. Couples massage may as well be called a scientific love potion. Massage heals the body physically but also releases oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine which are all associated with happiness and intimacy. Couples massage has also been shown to increase communication between partners as the relaxing and intimate environment paves the way for more open and honest communication.

Couples massage is also a great way to introduce your partner to massage in a more comfortable environment. Many people are hesitant at first to the idea of massage, but a couples’ massage allows you to familiarize your partner with the massage process and show them immense benefits of therapeutic massage while reassuring them along the way.

Give the Gift of Couples Massage

Those flowers you gave for her birthday last year? They wilted. That box of chocolates you picked out for Valentine’s Day? Eaten. Except for the nougat ones. Gross. Chances are your significant other won’t remember how many dozens of roses you bought or the brand of chocolates you picked up last minute.

They’re going to remember how that gift made them feel. So why wouldn’t you give the gift of massage, a gift that is going to make them feel great? Here’s the best part: when you give the gift of a couples massage to your significant other, you get to get a massage too! ZEN Massage has gift certificates and packages for couples massage in Salt Lake City. Visit our specials page for the latest couples massage deals.