The ZEN Massage Technique ZEN Massage is more than a brand. ZEN is a new approach to traditional therapy, refined with sound medical expertise and our knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, and range of motion. ZEN is a modern modality, fusing

Benefits of Chair Massage

Probably the largest determining factor of the effectiveness of a company wellness program is employee participation. Many companies are abandoning wellness initiatives due to the low enrollment and utilization (some as low as 8%) as employees are expected to make

Chair Massage For Conventions

A Welcome Site! Conventions and Trade Shows are often places of high tension, stress, and exhaustion. Not only are they exciting and fast-paced, but also often concentrate a great deal of industry-specific information within a limited space and time span.


Corporate Massage in Salt Lake City, Utah   Massage therapy at the office relieves stress at its source, the very stress which affects how employees deal with customers and with each other. Chronic muscle tension, fatigue and on-the-job stress accumulate

Our Standards of Service

Here’s what YOU get from US We strive to give you the best quality and value for each wellness dollar you invest in us. When we are your wellness partners we worry about only one thing, and that is the

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