What Our Customers Say

Massage is more than just what we can do for you. Your massage should stay with you, and be a memorable and enjoyable experience. And our customers remember us. Here is what our clients say about us.

Rebecca Rodriguez –

“Helen is such a skilled, versatile massage therapist. Her professionalism coupled with a calm, positive attitude made for a great experience. The location is also VERY beautiful and comfortable!”

Amanda Sullivan –

“I got a massage at a book signing party from one of your therapists and it was wonderful. Can’t wait for a real hour long one! My shoulders felt soo much better.”

Mike Stacey –

“Always a great experience! Every time it seems better than the last! Every therapist is amazing, I highly recommend them!”


Dawn Stacey –

“This is by far the BEST massage experience. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment ASAP!!!”

Mandy L. –

“Best place to get a massage! It is definitely worth the extra $20 you would pay to go here vs Massage Envy, I had the most relaxing massage here ever! I felt like a new woman when I left this place!”

Tyson Q. –

“I’ve been to a couple different professional massage places over the last few years and although this place at first seemed a bit iffy, I ended up with the best massage I’ve had so far! 🙂 The therapist had prior experience with physical therapy and tied certain techniques into the session. I was extremely pleased with the massage and the price was better than the other places. l will be going back soon!”

Steve Afrin –

“I have received massages from both Helen and Aundrea. My needs are for restorative, deep tissue work and I highly recommend both of these ladies for doing exactly that type of work. As a software developer, I spend many hours each work working intensely at a desk job and I regularly experience all the attendant neck pain and lower back pain associated with sitting many consecutive hours in a chair working on complex technical issues.
It has taken a long series of two-hour appointments for Aundrea to essentially beat my muscles into submission, but she definitely understands what structural muscle manipulation is all about and the complex ways my muscles tend to bunch together because of my work. We are mostly in a maintenance mode now and Aundrea’s deep tissue work continues to keep me mostly pain-free and relaxed, even when I work through stressful weeks at work.”


Charlene Donahue –

“As an amateur mixed martial artist and Brazilin Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, the physical daily demands on my body are great. I have gone to many massage studios in the past only to leave having felt that my 5 year old could have applied more technique and pressure during my session. At the recommendation of a friend, I made an appointment with Helen at Zen Massage and booked a 45 minute Sports Therapy Massage. It was the best decision that I ever made. Helen, not only is a stellar massage therapist but has a medical degree and understands the human body and can, therefore, treat the most painful conditions I come limping with through her doors. The studio itself is very inviting and relaxing, with the choice of music, lighting, lotions, herbal teas, and even a personal shower.
I now have a weekly standing appointment with Helen or another member of her team as each therapist Helen employs are held to the same high standards of therapy that she herself gives to each client.
I highly recommend Zen Massage whether you are a conditioned athlete, stay at home mom needing a moment to relax, or even a business professional needing to unwind from the stressors of the office.”

Rob Scott –

“Zen massage has been one of the best places I have ever been for a massage. I try and go at least 1 time per month.”

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