The Massage Salon

From our first 2-room salon in Salt Lake City to our current location, we never gave up our goal of designing a space that is as relaxing to work in as it is to be worked on. Our walls are adorned with authentic hand-painted art, some of which is over 150 years old, and all of which were lovingly created by the local monks, artisans, and craftsmen living in the villages and provinces of China and Japan. These are the scrolls which would (and did) hang in local temples and homes and definitely, add a great deal of richness and tradition to our space. Our Feng Shui master carefully analyzed every aspect of our spa to ensure a peaceful, calming transition between the natural elements. Each room also features unique Asian art to help set a calming mood both for you and the therapists who work here.

Our Suites

Our Massage Suites are designed to create a space of peace and harmony in which it is just as enjoyable to give a massage as it is to receive one. All suites in our Salt Lake City location feature 5.1 channel surround sound, some with upgraded audiophile components. Rooms with private showers are also available, along with hot-stone therapy, and top-mounted a shiatsu bars. In-room aromatherapy is available and complimentary, along with steamed towels and an assortment of exotic, flowering teas.