Massage Pricing and Specials

Life without a massage is a raw deal. We may not take time to notice how common stress, pain, tension, and fatigue are in our lives, but the effects they have on our overall health, including sleep, posture, and blood pressure, are both dangerous and progressive. Stress leads to chronic muscle contraction, which causes pain, compromising your quality of sleep and resulting in fatigue, which raises stress even more. Zen Massage stops the cycle by helping restore your natural body posture so you can enjoy more restful sleep and naturally lower your stress levels. Zen Massage offers many different styles, prices, and massage specials so you can live life without stress holding you back.

Time Frame Cash Price* Package of 6 Package of 12
30 min $55 $300 (Save $30)
$50 Per Session
$480 (Save $180)
$40 Per Session
60 min $89 $444 (Save $90)
$74 Per Session
$840 (Save $228)
$70 Per Session
90 min $129 $630 (Save $144)
$105 Per Session
$1200 (Save $348)
$100 Per Session
120 min $159 $810 (Save $144)
$135 Per Session
$1560 (Save $348)
$130 Per Session

*Processing fees may apply to Visa & Master Card transactions


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