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Massage therapy at the office relieves stress at its source, the very stress which affects how employees deal with customers and with each other. Chronic muscle tension, fatigue and on-the-job stress accumulate throughout the day and can turn your office into a harsh political environment where productivity and teamwork suffer. Stress also has a way of spreading to others when it is displayed regularly. A calm, focused, and healthy employee will make better decisions and better impressions on customers. Best of all, a lower-stress workplace where massage is available to relieve fatigue and soreness can infuse your employees with energy when longer hours are necessary to meet deadlines and customer commitments. There is no better gesture a company can make to improve morale than to show sincere concern for the health and well-being of their employees. Giving your team a strong sense of value is the most effective way to motivate them.

Onsite Chair Massage Benefits

Corporate chair massage is among the strongest statements a company can make to underscore a commitment to a safe, healthy, stress-free workplace. It’s no surprise that many businesses on Fortune-500 magazine’s list of “Top 100 companies to work for” have offered chair massage to their employees and many keep chairs and therapists on-site year-round to provide ongoing stress and muscle relief for their staff.

Onsite convenience, in studio quality

ZEN Massage takes corporate chair massage very seriously. For the perfect chair massage, it is not enough for us to simply apply table massage principles to a seated position. In order to maximize the therapeutic effect of our chair massage, we had to abandon the notion that chair massage was universal. In fact, everything from the height of the chair, therapist, and client, to the angle of the face rest plays a significant role in how our clients feel. We also understand that simply applying pressure to a muscle without stretching it has minimal therapeutic effect, so the founding principles in ZEN Massage had to be re-invented with the chair in mind. Ultimately, we succeeded in translating the amazing effectiveness of ZEN massage to a seated application with no loss of therapeutic effect. We would not offer chair massage unless it met the ZEN massage standard for comfort, effectiveness, ergonomics and relaxation. At ZEN, we love achieving higher standards of quality almost as much as we love sharing them with our clients. Contact us today about our corporate massage service in Salt Lake City.

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