Get glowing: Pampering your skin after the massage is over

41511305_SA massage at Zen Massage relieves your body of tension. You leave the table feeling renewed and refreshed. Have you considered this key benefit though? Your skin feels pampered! Why not continue the pampering every day? You can do this by eating right and drinking enough water. Proper nutrition might even be the answer to blemishes and other skin problems. Incorporate the following items into your diet to help maintain a healthy glow.

Water, Water, Everywhere
Remaining hydrated is the single most important thing you can do to maintain healthy skin. Many of the structures within skin cells that support collagen require water to effectively function. When your body is hydrated, your skin will be plump and elastic as opposed to tight or shriveled. If possible, try to drink water steadily throughout the day as opposed to cramming a bunch of water in a sitting or two. Consistency is key when hydrating, so do what it takes to maintain a steady intake of water throughout the day.

Kale. Find a generous load of lutein, often found in high quantities in green, leafy veggies such as kale or spinach. The antioxidants in kale can also help your body absorb and neutralize the free radicals encountered during UV exposure. One serving of Kale will also provide a hearty dose of vitamins C and A, which offer great support to skin health.

Dark Chocolate. Finish off your day with a square or two of dark chocolate. The rich flavanols and antioxidants found in the cocoa of dark chocolate improve circulation. The trick with chocolate is to avoid sugar-loaded milk chocolate blends and opt for a dark bar that is concentrated with cocoa. Though it’s tempting to overindulge, remember that you can get too much of a good thing. One service is enough.

Olive Oil. A higher consumption of olive oil can help reduce the signs of aging. The monounsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil help to moisturize skin and stimulate cell repair. The vitamins and antioxidants found in virgin olive oil are of great benefit to your skin.

Kiwi Fruit. The large amount of vitamin C in kiwi fruit promotes the production of collagen. This connective tissue protein helps keeps skin firm and elastic. Kiwi extract is often aded to skin care products that slow or reduce the appearance of aging.