Introducing a new modality to our menu: Spinal Touch!

What is Spinal touch?

     Spinal Touch is a modality that seeks to help keep the bones of the skull, spine and pelvis in their proper relationship with each other, in order to allow the body to function at its maximum potential.
You will be assessed for postural distortion while standing in front of a plumb line. Even untrained people (a spouse or parent, for example) can often see the distortion when compared against a vertical and horizontal reference point. The exact form that this distortion takes determines how the alignment technique is applied. Treatment is very gentle and often people will fall asleep while receiving an alignment, as it is so relaxing.
Spinal Touch is a light touch technique for treating chronic and acute pain. Bodies have an innate healing ability that is mediated through the nervous system. If the nervous system is working properly then the body can maintain a state of well being and won’t need the intervention of pain treatments, drugs, or surgery; it can just look after itself. Spinal Touch retrains the body to relax and improve as a whole, even when a person is receiving treatment for one specific problem.
The purpose of Spinal Touch is to guide the body to realign itself with its center of gravity. Our bodies change, compensate, and adapt to the world around us. Bodies become distorted and lose function over time. There will always be constant rivalry with everyday life and our bodies, as we try to get our bodies “back to normal”, free of pain, and functioning properly.

Meet the wonderful therapists that have training and experience with this modality!


Brannigan Roeber LMT

I graduated from Myotherapy College of Utah in 2014.

I am certified in Spinal Touch, Acutherapy, and Touch for Health.

I want to inspire people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

My specialties are Reflexology, Segmental, and Lymphatic Drainage.


Marry Harris LMT

I graduated from the Myotherapy College of Utah in 2014 with certifications in Acutherapy and Spinal touch

as well as a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and pathology.

I have a strong background in energy work and relaxation

though my love is focused deep tissue massage to help people with pain relief.