Massage Myths

Massage therapy has been around for centuries and has only gained popularity throughout history. Despite growing into a popular stress relief and sore muscle aid in recent years there are still several massage myths that many people believe about the profession.

Massage MythsMassages Hurt

Massage therapy was not designed to be a torture device, it is intended to do just the opposite which makes this massage myth kind of funny. Kneading away sore muscles and achy joints can sometimes be uncomfortable but it’s purpose is to loosen up the tense areas to promote flexibility and reduce chronic pain, not inflict pain.

The Benefits are Temporary

One single massage may not be enough to train your body to realign itself to reduce pain, but over time massage therapy will in fact help train your body’s muscle memory to position itself in a less stressful manner. Arching your back or neck in front of a computer, for example, can produce a negative muscle memory that will cause pain and discomfort. Regular massages can help retrain your body to realign to a more natural position.

Massage MythsAll Massages are Created Equal

This massage myth is like saying instant ramen noodle meals are the same as a fine dining experience. Not every massage is created equal, especially amateur massages. Massage therapists have to go through a specialized school in order to learn the key muscle groups and trigger points.

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